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funymony's News

Posted by funymony - August 17th, 2019

Whats up amigos?! It's time for you to reap all the content I've made since my last update!

I started vlogging again! It's been fun taking snapshots of my life and stringing them together!

I mix it up a little with some visuals here and there and I try to keep things fast-paced.

I also created a 20 minute Flash/Animate tutorial that is exclusive to Newgrounds at the moment!

I'm so happy that it's been well-received! I'll work on the next one right away!

I also did some story boarding on 3 animations for TheOdd1sout since my last update.

Check them out!

Mr. Beasts Youtube Royale


Talking to Strangers


Movie Sequels

Then in my personal life I've been doing a lot of figure drawing and sketching at the studio!

I recently uploaded my previous sketchbook which you can check out if you're supporting me on Patreon!

There's a total of 9 issues now! https://www.mediamuffin.com/eds-sketchbooks


Lastly, I've been streaming again every Friday at 7PM CST for ONE HOUR!

We've been doing it for over a month now! So if you ever want to hang out and practice with a bunch of other artists, just follow me on Twitch and pop in!



That's all I have to share for now!

If it wasn't apparent in the vlogs, I have a lot of things going on all at the same time and I'm itching to GET MY CARTOONS OUT!

Right now I'm working on a quick set of shorts focused on the most important aspects of my life.

LIKE HOW THE HELL DID I GET HERE!? It's a crazy tragic story with twists and turns!

I need to animate my life story while my wrist is still operational!

Until then, enjoy this old animation from 2014 where I talk about my terrible experience with pastries!




Posted by funymony - March 16th, 2019

Hello, friends!

It means a lot to have you here anticipating some content!

Thanks for following me! Here's to 3,000 fans!



I've been busy since my August update!

Fall started with a trip to Colorado to attend Terminal Montage's wedding!

I enjoyed the ceremony, the company of my artist pals (Supardanil, Mister_Crits)

I fed some giraffes, and Lollergator dropped my phone in the mountains. RIP.


Afterward, Lollergator and I drove to Salt Lake City to check up on friends and family.

The drive across the country was a great way to enjoy the weather before winter hit us hard.


After returning home, it was time to find myself a job. I've been working as little as possible these past few years to self-study illustration and it was time to put my knowledge to good use!

I stopped all my activities; such as playing DnD, working out, and streaming. I put together a portfolio to hunt down some art gigs. I put it on ARTSTATION since my Newgrounds account is convoluted with personal projects.

With portfolio in hand I went to nearby game dev meetings to see if any locals wanted to collaborate. I had no takers but I did learn about upcoming events such as VGM CON (A local video game music convention) and The Minnesota Electronic Theater (film festival). So I signed up for both.

10 days before the deadline for the Minnesota Electronic Theater, I created “The Fun One” from scratch.

It was a great way to test my abilities and see where I stood among local talent and professional ad firms.


I got runner up (Second place) in the independent category! Unfortunately nothing came of it.

With Christmas around the corner I set my sights on the Smash Bros Collab! I missed every Newgrounds collaboration in the past decade so taking part in this project was very important to me! I swore to myself that if I couldn't get my segment done, I would quit animation forever!

Sure enough I had to drop out of the project due to complications and personal matters beyond my control. What little I had done was re-purposed as a bumper and placed after Sir Pelo's fabulous contribution.

This hit me really hard. I can't express how disappointed, angry, and frustrated I was with myself and the factors that prevented me from achieving my goals no matter how hard I tried to get a handle on them. I then realized that if I wanted to get any projects done I needed to separate my work space from home.

Amazingly enough, an opportunity came to me shortly after!

A local art studio I attended for figure drawing courses needed a volunteer to facilitate classes! Even though they didn't offer any pay, they had a vacant office I could use! I needed the space and moved in immediately!


When December came around I couldn't job hunt due to holidays. I submitted applications to a few ad firms and got no response. I got extremely sick and at the same time found out that our family cat of 15 years was cornered and mauled by a loose dog.

RIP Bandit.


And immediately after that my father was hospitalized due to blood clots in his lungs depriving him of oxygen. I would receive daily updates from my mother and I would relay all the information to family. All while stressfully preparing for Xmas with my girlfriends family. I was extremely miserable and I wanted the year to END.

When 2018 finally concluded, life got significantly better.

My father recovered, he adopted a new cat, and the art studio gave me space to work and practice my art!

January came and I got back on the hunt for a job. My friend Anti-Dark-Heart (Who I met in person at Pico-Day 2014) heard I was looking for work. She introduced me to TheOdd1sout and I got to animating immediately!

Since then I've worked on two awesome animations with The Odd1sout team!

I did some storyboards and backgrounds. I'm looking forward to being a part of many more cartoons!

But things didn't stop there! I had enrolled myself for VGM CON a few months prior and the convention was right around the corner! I made plans with Lollergator to share a table and sell a bunch of cool stuff! We worked really hard on designing some merch! I worked on new posters and cleaned up old pictures to make some awesome prints!


I tried my best at polishing each piece to make some fantastic posters and postcards!




I created little M-Candy Zine's for people to enjoy at the convention too!


When the show finally came, plans fell through with Lollergator and I had to run the table alone with little to offer. Despite this I made things work with a stack of blank greeting cards I found at the art store that came with envelopes! This helped me make up for the missing merch and utilize the space as best as I could. It was a small convention so it wasn't very demanding. All of my custom cards sold!


Local artist (and long time NG user) SamChappy and Mighty Pegasus kept me company through the weekend in the artist alley. It was really fun! I even met The One Ups! A long-time favorite band of mine!

My go-to jams for those late-night work sprints!

Overall the convention was a fantastic experience. I still have a bunch of merch leftover from the show so I plan on attending a bigger convention in the future after I expand my inventory. I might open an online store in the meantime...

After the show, my friend Terminal Montage approached me to be a part of a special project!

I did the cleanup, coloring, and backgrounds! It was a lot of fun and I had a huge grin on my face the entire time working on it. Donkey Kong Country has always been a favorite game of mine.

The misfortunes kept following me though, prior to the project I got a letter summoning me for JURY DUTY!

I bought plenty of art books and made myself an anatomy reference sheet to keep me occupied while waiting around the jury room. The view was really cool and I made some new friends. It was also the first time I got to explore Minneapolis on my own.


Luckily I was quickly chosen as a juror in a criminal case and it was resolved within 2 days!

I went home satisfied having done my part.

And that's pretty much it! You're all caught up! There's so much more that I'm missing in my recap, but I think this is enough to show you where I've been physically and mentally.

Despite all my achievements, there were a lot of outside factors that slowed me down and took me out of the artist game completely. I find what helped me the most was having a schedule on Google calendar with a list of tasks. I keep track of everything I do and log it at the end of the day so I can look back at all my accomplishments, hang-ups, and down time. This helps me sort my hours and steer my focus in this turbulent sea we call life. If I don't complete everything on my task list, just getting a few things done is enough to steer my boat in the general direction of where I want to go.

I hope you all have good fortune and get to follow your dreams!


I'll be working with Odd1sout on some cool vids to keep me afloat.

I have many options on what to work on next.

I still have a show on the horizon that I want to make and a handful of tutorials that I will post here on Newgrounds.

So far the future looks promising. Here we go!




Posted by funymony - September 20th, 2018

I went to the fair about a month ago. It was really fun! I miss the food already. ): Enjoy the video!

Since July I've added some new graphics to our Twitch channel. We now have CUSTOM STREAM AVATARS!


I made a LOT of custom items that your characters can wield and wear! Characters can interact with each other too! On top of that we have some new alerts and a public Spotify playlist! So stop by the channel sometime, add some tunes, and customize your Stream Avatar! I stream every Friday at 7PM CST!


I made a new toon! I LOVE CATS! Featuring Edatlin (@edatlin) and Lollergator (@lollergator)!

I also made two new cartoons for the LORE channel on Youtube!
Only one has been released so far. Check out my WARFRAME LORE!


I got word that Lore will be going on hiatus, so that means it's time for some original content! It also means I won't have any pocket money, so I've opened up my COMMISSIONS! I made a short cartoon to advertise it! 

Check out my price list and commission form! I've only had two takers so far with very specific requests.


Besides Commissions, I've been practicing my art wherever I can!
Here's some quick art I whipped up on the stream last week!


I also made a comic for fun!



I want to make a continuous series that can gain some traction instead of one-off animations, comics, and memes. Something in the vein of animutations and Arfenhouse videos, but with re-useable art assets like Homestar Runner. WE'LL SEEEEEE....


I appreciate someone who doesn't mind a good read and goes through the Newgrounds feed.

I salute you, good sir or madam. <3

I'm going out of town next week to visit family but as soon as I get back I'm getting started on my next toon! See you then! :D



Posted by funymony - August 16th, 2018

Hello amigos! I spent the last FOUR YEARS stepping up my art game and now I'm opening up for COMMISSIONS! For details and price list on my services, CLICK HERE

Here's a few samples on NEWGROUNDS!




If you don't want a commission but want to support my crazy cartoons, you can check out my Patreon for some SKETCHBOOKS and other rewards!


In the meantime, I'll be making some cartoons and you can watch me animate on TWITCH!

Thanks for checking out the post! :D



Posted by funymony - May 11th, 2018




Posted by funymony - May 4th, 2018

IT'S FRIDAY/MAY THE FOURTH. Today's theme is HERO TEAMS! Doodle your favorite duos, trios, squads, teams, etc! http://www.twitch.tv/funymony



Posted by funymony - March 20th, 2018


My website is up and running again!

I updated it with recent works that I wasn't able to post anywhere else but Youtube!

Mediamuffin contains a bunch of classic animations, projects for work, and my personal art! I'll be reuploading a few cartoons that I took down to remaster in HD on the new site and on Newgrounds!

I also have a store where you can buy a Mediamuffin patch or commission me for your animation/art needs!

Now that I have a base to tie all my work and personal projects together, it's time to start cooking up some new content! SEE YOU SOON!





I got the pin too!


Feels great to support the site! KEEP ON BEING AWESOME, NG!


Posted by funymony - January 4th, 2018


Hello, friends! I hope you've all had wonderful holidays!

2017 was a year of self-improvement for my art. I streamed regularly but after July I needed to focus, so I went offline to practice in private. I just released my 7th sketchbook and I feel like I've really improved! My skills are still in an awkward phase but I'm comfortable enough to proceed with the projects I put down last year! 

You can check out my sketchbooks on Patreon!


I wasn't completely inactive on the animation front, the second half of the year during my studies I picked up some work and made cartoons for LORE! I made a total of 10 shorts, but here are two of my favorites!

Now that I've hit my milestone, I'm ready to get back to animating for myself.

I'm going to wrap up my previous cartoons and bring back Mediamuffin.com by making a new website.
I'll even remaster some of my classic toons! 2018 will be all about animation!

Alright, I'm gonna get to it!


Posted by funymony - September 15th, 2017

DRAWPILE is a program where you can draw remotely with your friends!

I run a stream every friday at 7PM CST where I stream the canvas, it's open to everybody!

There's also a 24/7 canvas where you can draw anytime with your friends in case you can't get connected directly to each other! Details on my discord (which you can access on my twitch page: Check it out!)

You can check out a tutorial I made on how to get connected!

See you there!


Posted by funymony - July 18th, 2017