Entry #55

New sketchbook, LORE, and 2017 Review.

2018-01-04 23:58:55 by funymony


Hello, friends! I hope you've all had wonderful holidays!

2017 was a year of self-improvement for my art. I streamed regularly but after July I needed to focus, so I went offline to practice in private. I just released my 7th sketchbook and I feel like I've really improved! My skills are still in an awkward phase but I'm comfortable enough to proceed with the projects I put down last year! 

You can check out my sketchbooks on Patreon!


I wasn't completely inactive on the animation front, the second half of the year during my studies I picked up some work and made cartoons for LORE! I made a total of 10 shorts, but here are two of my favorites!

Now that I've hit my milestone, I'm ready to get back to animating for myself.

I'm going to wrap up my previous cartoons and bring back Mediamuffin.com by making a new website.
I'll even remaster some of my classic toons! 2018 will be all about animation!

Alright, I'm gonna get to it!



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2018-01-05 02:34:48

Show those cartoons who's boss! :D

funymony responds:

Thanks duuuuuuuude! >8D


2018-01-20 17:35:42

I still love your stuff, and I hope there's more to come this year!