Draw with your friends with this free art program!

2017-09-15 20:22:34 by funymony

DRAWPILE is a program where you can draw remotely with your friends!

I run a stream every friday at 7PM CST where I stream the canvas, it's open to everybody!

There's also a 24/7 canvas where you can draw anytime with your friends in case you can't get connected directly to each other! Details on my discord (which you can access on my twitch page: Check it out!)

You can check out a tutorial I made on how to get connected!

See you there!



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2017-09-15 21:22:40

Hmm, I've used that. Not sure if I'd really be interested in using it anymore but it worked well, yes. :v

funymony responds:

Yeah, it's not a great painting program. I'd use Shii painter for that.

I used to use Open Canvas to draw with friends but the new versions don't have networking capabilities anymore. ):


2017-09-15 22:14:12

uhh these draw together type deals are always so nice! I hope I remember this next week


2017-09-16 13:11:28

looks cool :)


2017-09-16 23:47:13

I just stopped drawing, the program was plenty good enough for me. lol