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Animating in ClipStudio tonight! :D Join me!


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EDIT: Stream over! But join us on the Discord for future streams or to drawpile with other artists!

Here's our V-day doodles from the stream!




We take V-Day Requests!




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SERIOUSLY! It makes me happy to know that there are 2,500+ people on this website who like my original nonsense content!


Here's what we cooked up this month, WOO!


A short little advertisement for! A comic website that I run. It features a bunch of my silly art friends and we make comics together! Here's a sample!



Also, Thank you Tom for featuring the video on the front page! To commemorate such a wonderful gesture, I slapped a good Newgrounds link on the website! IT LOOKS GOOD!



A little holiday short to tie people over while I work on a longer cartoon. Sorry about that!


Additionally I have been working on some posters of my favorite video games and they'll be featured in my upcoming SKETCHBOOK exclusive to my PATREON SUPPORTERS!

If you pledge before January, I'll add you to the Special Thanks at the end!





Just follow us on Twitch and you'll be notified when we start! We usually begin around 5PM PST!


-Edgar Nielsen @funymony



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Hello, Newgrounds!! Join me and @lollergator every Monday night around 5PM PST! for some doodling ON TWITCH!

Sorry for missing Halloween's stream, but Natalie spilled tea INTO her computer!
After a week of cleaning it out everything seems to be running just fine. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! We didn't get to celebrate much due to the tea incident, but we had a great October overall. <3


Thank you everybody for the follows here on Newgrounds and for enjoying my Cartoon "I LOVE CANDY!"

I truly appreciate the support here on Newgrounds. Feel free to reach out to me in messages, I love to hear what you guys have to hear and if you need any animation feedback, just send me a message.

Cheru'sSentry Knight TacticsLollergator

It was also my friend birthday about two weeks ago. You may know her from her voicework on various projects here on Newgrounds. She recently did some voicework  in ! I made a little short for her with . We've been playing an awful lot of Overwatch lately.



This week I'll be working on a new short! Support me on Patreon to put your name on it and see some upcoming toons before everybody else! Pledge $3 bux and get access to my sketchbooks!

See you on the STREAM!

-Edgar Nielsen (Funymony)


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I stream every Monday on Twitch at 5pm PST! JOIN ME!

Also, Here's a new cartoon!

More cartoons available soon! Check out my sketchbooks on Patreon!

Also, I've been making tons of comics on with my friends! Check them out!

Streaming in 30 minutes!

2016-09-26 18:36:44 by funymony

Hello, friends! Streaming in 30 minutes tonight with Cittrus and lollergator!

Join us!


COMICS!!! And a weekly request stream.

2016-09-19 20:51:12 by funymony

First of all, join me on a stream EVERY MONDAY NIGHT! Follow me at

I draw with @lollergator and some pals, we take requests!
Here's some drawings from todays stream!

In other news, my friends and I have been making comics every Mon, Wed, Fri on! Check it out!

950790_147432801052_TapasticAdban.gif is an experimental website where we post one-shot strips and comic pages every week! Just jump in and enjoy! Right now we're making some collaborative comics where each artist draws a panel. It's been fun so far!

You can check it out on Tapastic too if you're into that sort of thing!

Other than that, I'm still cooking up some toons! Will post them as they come! :D
See ya later, my NG homies!


Join me and Lollergator for some doodling! Will be live shortly!

Request some doodles!

Back in Minnesota!

2016-07-28 05:46:35 by funymony

Hello, friends! I'm back in Minnesota!

These past few months have been a roller coaster. I'll try to summarize them the best I can.950790_146969080751_HelpTheSnowman.png

Last year, in June 2015, I moved with Natalie to her parent's house in Minnesota. Natalie's parents provided us with food and board as long as we worked hard on our animation careers. We accomplished a lot in 6 months (you can can read about it here!)  All that came to a stop in December when my Dad became mortally ill.

I flew back to Salt Lake City during the holidays to care for my father. He had a severe flu and had been taking sleep medications with alcohol to cope with his depression. All these symptoms made him despondent and hardly conscious. In time I was able to nurse him back to health and get him to a functional level. He then told me his final wish was for me and my brother to inherit his estate, repair it with his savings, and move in with our families.


Natalie and I had no desire to move back to Salt Lake City because the living conditions for us there were horrible. The house was in disrepair and would require years of renovations to be up to code. Natalie and I struggled for months to scrounge up enough money to leave Salt Lake City behind and now we were being sucked back in!



But I owed it to my father to try. He adopted me and took me in as his own. He helped my Mother gain citizenship and avoid free labor under the threat of deportation. He paid for my education and has always been there for me. My father was now giving me everything he had in his possession in exchange for help and it would be cruel of me to turn away and let him drink himself to death.

At the same time, I did not want to sacrifice my dreams and the progress that Natalie and I worked so hard to attain. We came to a compromise with my father that we would live in Salt Lake City and repair his home until my brother finished his service in the Marines. My brother would then take our place and look after my Dad.

I got to work immediately with my friend, Michael.


Together we got my room to be in a "liveable" condition and even began installing a bathroom.




Unfortunately my friend Mike had his own company to run and it was up to me to slowly finish the rest of the house. I lost steam after a month and left to go pick up Natalie and our dog, Shady. We moved back to Salt Lake City in March and hoped things would work out from there.


I was immediately overwhelmed.


The house was more than I could handle. The balcony is falling off, black mold stains the corners of every room, the roof is warped and leaking, there's cat hair and dust everywhere, the only portion of carpet in the house hasn't been vacuumed in years, and doing so could unleash more mold spores. Cat shit litters the garage and the walls are stained from my father's decades of smoking. There are many more details that I'm leaving out. I had a lot of problems to take care of on top of being a caretaker, "husband", animator, and having a regular job to sustain myself. 


Three stolen vehicles were parked in our backyard in the span of a month and a half. Our garage was broken into. My father welcomed a drug dealer into our home hoping that I'd sell my old car to him in exchange for help putting up drywall. I declined the offer and my Dad was furious that I let an opportunity go to waste.


Working with my father proved to be difficult as he wouldn't let me make the home suitable for me and Natalie. After the second stolen vehicle and garage break-in, he refused to let me build a fence in the backyard (for some weird unknown personal reason?) His compromise was that we take garbage, consisting of tree limbs and construction debris, to litter the backyard and make it unappealing for strangers to lounge around. So instead of having a fence, we would be being protected by a wall of garbage.

My father valued the cat's whims over our own safety. We installed bolt locks on the front door to heighten our security and my father would undo it by leaving the front window ajar for the cat to freely come in and out of the house any time of the day. After failing to reason with him, Natalie and my father began to ignore each other.


My father is an old man who doesn't have good hygiene habits. He would use a rag instead of toilet paper to clean himself and would not wash his hands afterward. He would then drape the rag over the faucet and knobs of the bath tub making the only sterile room in the house filthy. He would also pet our dog often and we had to lock her in our room because we couldn't keep her clean.

Overall, things just sucked. Things weren't going to change.


My Dad kept drinking, my job wasn't paying enough, nobody in the family was able to help me, and I didn't have any time to finish the remaining construction.

In the beginning of July I visited California and talked with some animator pals of mine who talked some sense into me. They helped me admit that this was a dead end and I had to start looking out for my future and what I wanted in life.

I apologized to my father that I couldn't fulfill his wishes and drove back to Minnesota with Natalie on short notice.


I'm now getting settled in Minnesota feeling depressed about my decision. But I don't regret it.

I worked really hard, I tried, and I learned a lot about myself. 

My father is awesome and I hope to preserve what he gave me.
An education, a chance in life, and knowing what it's like to have a father who cares about me even though we're not blood related. Even though things didn't work out, I hope he'll stick around to watch me kick ass.

Love you, Dad.


P.S. I turn 28 today. Happy Birthday to me.

Update March 2016!

2016-03-16 19:07:38 by funymony

Hello, everybody!

It's been a crazy year since I last updated but it wasn't unproductive! Here's a month to month recap to catch up!

In June I moved to Minnesota with my girlfriend Natalie (Lollergator) and my two dogs, Shady and Beebo. I worked on DESTINY GOD MODE while getting adjusted to my new home.


That July I worked with my friend Stabby on POLARIS OUTTAKES - HORRIBLE MONK  and POLARIS OUTTAKES - PINHEAD. 

In August I became a Pokemon Master (Successfully creating a complete living Pokedex in Pokemon XY) while watching Natalie and Stabby attend Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) in Minneapolis. I also animated SMASH BROS GOD MODE and went to Pax Prime!

That following September I started challenging my artistic abilities by drawing illustrative portraits of my best friends. I also created a PICARTO LIVESTREAM!  Additionally I took some Toon Boom tutorials and cooked up a new video called ED & YETI'S BIG ADVENTURE! 

In the beginning of October we put Beebo down. We had to keep working and didn't have much time to mourn which made things really stressful at home. Natalie and I worked on POLARIS CIVIL WAR OUTTAKES - THE SMOKE KNIGHT! We enjoyed Undertale and Halloween Festivities once we had time to unwind.

In November I put together MARIO MAKER GOD MODE  and helped Natalie with her Polaris animation, POLARIS CIVIL WAR OUTTAKES: SKULKIN' AROUND. Then I immediately dove into Fallout 4 as my reward. During this time I began making long term plans for and its sister site,


Then in , Natalie and I were busy at work on a new God Mode and Outtakes until we received news that my father had fallen ill less than a week before Christmas. I immediately flew to Salt Lake City and helped bring him back to good health. Once he was stable he made it clear to me that I needed to stay with him until my brother returned from the military in March 2017. I spent Christmas with my family in Salt Lake.

In January I was uncomfortable in my old room without my belongings, I had only planned to stay in Salt Lake for two weeks and I didn't pack much with me. My father paid for building materials to renovate my room in preparation for my inevitable move back to Salt Lake City, which just made me feel trapped and depressed. I started construction with the help of my friend, Michael Whitaker. At the end of the Month I was invited to Pax South for the Weekend where I was briefly reunited with Natalie and some of our online friends.

I was in Salt Lake City until March doing construction and running errands for my father up until two weeks ago when I was able to drive back to Minnesota to pick up Natalie and Shady.

We've been enjoying our time since then but we're ultimately sad that our life goals have been disrupted once again.

The plan is to move back to Salt Lake City, finish construction on my room, get a stable job to alleviate financial stress, and hopefully continue where we left off until March 2017. I'm happy my father is feeling much better and that we can spend more time with him. We'll make the best of our situation and I hope that we can continue pursuing our goals.

I'm going to do my best to see if I can make it to Pico Day, but with the way things are going, I'm not entirely sure it'll be possible. We'll see!