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funymony's News

Posted by funymony - October 23rd, 2014

Hello friends! My name is Edgar Nielsen, A.K.A. Funymony!
Animator, Artist, Cartoonist. Bah, hell, this is Newgrounds! Aren't we all the same guy!?

I've been making comics! I'd post them here but I feel that the Art Portal isn't the place for my 3 panel shenanigans. I'll be posting regular art instead! Like this thing!

I update with a new comic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on MEDIAMUFFIN.COM!

Topics range from Videogames to my daily life, like going to the Zoo!


This week is about Pokemon!


Newgrounds has always been on my top list of places to post.
Which is why I'd like to announce that Newgrounds will always get my video content first, fresh off the Cintiq.

All other websites will be drip-fed content from the previous week.
So keep an eye out for my work here on Newgrounds and Mediamuffin.com!

Also, if you have no idea who I am, I'd like to introduce myself through this video I made MONTHS ago, explaining what I've been up to for the past year. ENJOY!


You'll be seeing a lot more of me. So lets just skip to the end and hold hands.

Posted by funymony - January 26th, 2014

My girlfriend and I share the same taste in cartoons, video games, and movies.  She's basically the female version of me. We both laugh at the occasional cock-joke on Newgrounds but a lot of user-submitted content has taken us to an awkward place where my girlfriend can't enjoy anything without feeling lame about being a girl.  Newgrounds is the longest running cartoon website with the best animation community in the world and it sucks that she feels excluded because some guy just had to use women as the basis for their joke.

We're not complaining about Newgrounds and we don't want it to change; we want upcoming animators to take their work to the next level by broadening their audience. 


Posted by funymony - November 20th, 2013

I've been up to a lot this last year. I guess it's time to spill out my guts and update everybody!

I've been animating FAST FACTS, a series on the LORE channel on Youtube. It's part of the Polaris network with Jon Tron, Egoraptor, etc. It's been pretty fun! I got my friend Danny (Oryozema) on board and David (Fungasm) as well. It pays the rent and it's a lot better than working at some hotel.
There's over 20+ episodes! Check it out.

I've also been working with NixHydra on an app called Eggbaby! Check it out on IOS and Android!
It's been updating regularly with art created by me and my girlfriend (Lollergator).
We made it gender neutral so you fellas on Newgrounds don't have to be so embarrassed to play.

My girlfriend moved in with me over a year ago and we invited some friends to live with us.
We're all artists so we get along well. I got myself an office and it's been nice to have some privacy with my Cintiq while I work. The 24HD is pretty rad, I picked it up a few months ago, although I do have some personal issues with it.
You can read about it on Amazon.

I adopted my friend's crazy dog (BRAVO) in order to train him and find him a better family and just found out he has cancer. I still found a family willing to take him. We'll see how that goes. I made a sappy video for him. Poor dog was dealt a bad hand.

I recently finished up a music video with Duane and Brando.
It was a fun collaboration and I look forward to doing it again provided I can find the time and money to sustain myself now that I'm an adult.

I want to make more content for myself but because I make a cartoon for Lore every week, my time is limited.
So I focus on writing instead so I have something to work on in the future when the time is right.

I have one more cartoon that's being wrapped up, expect to see it in a week or two.
Until then, have a good one!

What I've been up to this year...

Posted by funymony - November 18th, 2013

I screwed up on posting a huge update to the front page, so I reposted it. Check out the next post to read it!

But since I'm here, lets make a new one about a game that's near and dear to my heart.


I played Doom when I was in 2nd grade. I recall playing the first room a billion times because I didn't know how to open doors, so my father would reset the game for me every 15 minutes so that I could kill the two bad guys over and over again. The next day I went to school with violent tendencies and -- became a cartoonist!


But Doom was just a gateway game to the hard stuff. Age of Empires, Syndicate, and Chex Quest.

A few years later my mom was called in to school to discuss a serious problem. My teacher laid out my classwork in front of her. Behind every page were terrible drawings of stickfigure catapult war scenes, monsters from Biomenace, and a scribbly picture of the "Flemoidus Cycloptis." My mother didn't know what to make of it. After that she made sure I did my homework as soon as I got home.

(But she locked me in the bathroom a week later when she found out I drew sunglasses and a sweet goatee on every picture of Jesus in my catechism work-book.)

Things got worse when the teacher at school gave every student a journal. I had a game concept I just had to write down and share with the whole class. A marvelous game with a title given to me by a friend: "The Death of Jackson Teachers". I'll admit the title was a little extreme, the teacher thought it was going to be a murder simulator like the ones she saw on T.V. but I saw it as a platformer where the enemies would throw office referrals at the player. If only I had a little more time that morning to flesh out a Game Design Doc...

I don't remember what happened after that. I do know that the teacher hated me and that I was one of the most disliked kids in class. But eventually I shaped up and moved on to middle school where I found a bunch of other violent nerds like me and I'm still friends with each one to this day. There's no moral to this story. Do violent video games affect children? Of course they do. Some more than others to the point where they want to make violent games of their own.
The only difference between young me and now me is that I can do it more tastefully.

See ya!

P.S. I made this DOOM video for the Lore channel on Youtube. Check it out.

What I've been up to this year. (Edit: It's now about doom.)

Posted by funymony - September 13th, 2013




Working on Fast Facts! Watch me work! LEARN FLASH!

Posted by funymony - March 10th, 2013

Here is the first of many stop-motion animations I did at the Leonardo this week. This video doesn't stand out from the others because a good 80 percent of my work features someone screaming and getting killed in some silly way. Oh well!

I've been in a sour mood lately. I want to talk about it, but chances are the issues I have will be resolved by the end of next week. It revolves around my "freelance" business and my inexperience. In the end I'm sure things will turn out fine, but only time will tell where I will be in a month from now. Until then I'm afraid I have to put all projects besides my own on hold.

I made another image for Duane and Brando just so I could get the feel of things for a little video I'm cooking up. And once again I keep messing up on Brando's hair/face. ARGH! See you later, guys.

Monster in the Closet!

Posted by funymony - November 24th, 2011

New thanksgiving video!

And here's a recent video by El Cid! I helped color a few sequences.

I have a silly novelty game for the iPhone and iPad.

See you later, crazy gooses!


Posted by funymony - October 31st, 2011

New cartooooooooon! Check it out silly doods! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Treat

Posted by funymony - October 1st, 2011

I was streaming for 24 hour comic day. Made it until 10am.

I'll post my work HERE!: http://www.mediamuffin.com

See ya!


Posted by funymony - July 29th, 2011

Hello friends. I have been silent but not dead.
The language requirement at the University has had my arms tied behind my back.

It's all coming to an end and good things are right around the corner.

Let us have patience.

Almost There