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Newgrounds in a Nutshell

Posted by funymony - January 26th, 2014

My girlfriend and I share the same taste in cartoons, video games, and movies.  She's basically the female version of me. We both laugh at the occasional cock-joke on Newgrounds but a lot of user-submitted content has taken us to an awkward place where my girlfriend can't enjoy anything without feeling lame about being a girl.  Newgrounds is the longest running cartoon website with the best animation community in the world and it sucks that she feels excluded because some guy just had to use women as the basis for their joke.

We're not complaining about Newgrounds and we don't want it to change; we want upcoming animators to take their work to the next level by broadening their audience. 


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"She's basically the female version of me."

That sounds adorable, haha! I'll be sure to check out your animation, and keep enjoying Newgrounds! :D


Thanks. :D

women on the internet you know that's unheard of

rule 29 and rule 30 and stuff



Do you have any examples of this?

I'm surprised you asked, dude! You've been on here just as long as I have, surely you've seen better examples than me! Here's a few videos from this month. Not the best choices but I don't want to dig through the years of content I've seen.

(Watch with your Girlfriend/Wife/Mother/Grandma for best results!)

Evergeek 6

PokeGen XY

The Lovable Mickey Mouse

These videos are pretty funny! There's nothing wrong with them but I have admit that when a cartoon resorts to lady tropes to get jokes across, it takes me and my girlfriend out of it.

Ending a decent Poke'mon parody with boobs? Meh.
Pervy anime guys/monsters thinking about boobs? Done to DEATH.
The Lovable Mickey Mouse could of been about Minnie and Mickey having sex while traumatizing Pluto and it still would of been hilarious without having to demean Minnie. But that's just being nit-picky.

I really don't want to open up a can of worms about girls in the media, so I'll just get to the source of why I'm posting this in the first place:

I wanted my girlfriend to contribute to Newgrounds and join me at the NG Meet this year but she doesn't want to sandwich her work in between two boob icons in the Art Portal. I also felt inclined to post about the way ladies are portrayed in the cartoons of our future animators. I'm just crossing my fingers for better female role models in the future of our cartoons and games!

Your art is fucking awesome, dude.

If the writer is making jokes about women just for the sake of doing so, it's not funny, therefor not worth watching. It has to make sense. Like, if there was a cartoon about a woman being bad at driving, and there's no other punchline or anything else, it's not funny. However, Girl Gamer by Jaltoid is a good animation. And the same shit can be reversed with men. Starbarians is a good example of that.

tl;dr NG is usually good about not being douchey

The problem with NG right now is too mmuch frontpaged Game Grumps animations as well as Ludium Dare games as well as some animations though well drawn, are poorly written and are...annoying.

The Ludium Dare games are usually really badly programmed or just in general bad. Not always though.

The GG toons are SOMETIMES really good, but i hate how it's a trend because some just make squiggly lines to get frontpaged like a tryhard attention whore.

As far as the annoying animation...well...Dragonball Peepee and the gazillion animations trying to make annoying faces and voices with stupid humor even though well drawn. It just got really old and distasteful and imo, is crap. Sometimes animations even step too far and are offensive, these animators that are famous just end up being dicks doing whatever the hell they please and brush off comments that actually tell them how to do things better.

If you ask me, too much douchebaggary, and yes I agree with your comments about the way women are portrayed in some of the toons. hell...one toon as good as it was drawn was just about boobs....just stupid. What has newgrounds come to? Every now and then we get great stuff but not like we used to :( it's really sad. Your animation sums it up almost the best but theres a few good details about NG still that keeps it a great community, still some creative stuff frontpaged sometimes. Anyways good work.


Oh, porn in the Art Portal isn't anything new, it's basically the Art Forum's favorite conversation topic. I mostly didn't see a lot of misogyny in the animation/games department and was just curious.

There doesn't need to be a giant discussion. Your plea is but a simple suggestion to authors :)

You're better off on trying some other website. Newgrounds is nice and all but it's a very hollow shell of it's apparently once great self and it's will not get better.

Man your awesome! kept the stream alive with you hosting a good amount of time on it and I thank you for putting time into making us happy. Cheers!

THANKS, DUDE! I know what it's like to watch an event through a tiny screen.
That stuff means a lot to me since I'm always cooped up in a box for 18 hours a day.
Glad I could share things with you!

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