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What I've been up to this year...

Posted by funymony - November 20th, 2013

I've been up to a lot this last year. I guess it's time to spill out my guts and update everybody!

I've been animating FAST FACTS, a series on the LORE channel on Youtube. It's part of the Polaris network with Jon Tron, Egoraptor, etc. It's been pretty fun! I got my friend Danny (Oryozema) on board and David (Fungasm) as well. It pays the rent and it's a lot better than working at some hotel.
There's over 20+ episodes! Check it out.

I've also been working with NixHydra on an app called Eggbaby! Check it out on IOS and Android!
It's been updating regularly with art created by me and my girlfriend (Lollergator).
We made it gender neutral so you fellas on Newgrounds don't have to be so embarrassed to play.

My girlfriend moved in with me over a year ago and we invited some friends to live with us.
We're all artists so we get along well. I got myself an office and it's been nice to have some privacy with my Cintiq while I work. The 24HD is pretty rad, I picked it up a few months ago, although I do have some personal issues with it.
You can read about it on Amazon.

I adopted my friend's crazy dog (BRAVO) in order to train him and find him a better family and just found out he has cancer. I still found a family willing to take him. We'll see how that goes. I made a sappy video for him. Poor dog was dealt a bad hand.

I recently finished up a music video with Duane and Brando.
It was a fun collaboration and I look forward to doing it again provided I can find the time and money to sustain myself now that I'm an adult.

I want to make more content for myself but because I make a cartoon for Lore every week, my time is limited.
So I focus on writing instead so I have something to work on in the future when the time is right.

I have one more cartoon that's being wrapped up, expect to see it in a week or two.
Until then, have a good one!

What I've been up to this year...

Comments (4)

So thats where you have been!
I hope Bravo finds a nice home!

:D I found him some parents! Just gotta wait for them to get settled into their new home and pick him up. He's a pretty awesome dog.

Thats so good to hear! :D

Duck Hunt was awesome! Hope to see more content like that... as for everything else, sounds like a lot of good stuff going on. Thanks for the entertainment; have a groovy day!

:D Thanks dude!
Definitely will have more to come!

What would you do??? Was AMAZING!!!