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Haha! I love this! I had the exact same experience when I was on the road.
Bought me a bottle of Jaritos to share with my girlfriend but we couldn't find a bottle opener, so we used a corner of a lamp post at a parking lot. The lid came off.... TAKING THE RIM OF THE GLASS LID WITH IT. I had to throw it away because I suspected glass went into myd drink. ):

Good animation! Slice of life, silly, and great characters emotes. I like the backgrounds and feel overall. Great job! :D

That ending had me laughing in tears. SO GOOD!

So many unnecessary in-betweens but that made things even funnier, especially combined with the overly detailed unstructured art.

You guys did wonderful! It has seriously been forever since I've had a hard genuine laugh.
The Koopa facial expressions got me.

It's raw and I can feel the pure fun all the way through! Great job!!!

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kalabor106 responds:

That is great you got a laugh out of it. It was fun to make. Thanks

Feels like something I'd catch on Adult Swim at 2am.
Watched the other episodes to see where you were going with all of this.

Nate is my favorite of the characters. Hellish duplicates trying to kill him means he has something to hide which makes him far more interesting.

Dan is too passive, observing everything around him and not doing much about it. I wish he'd object to the absurdity of his situation. He just let himself get dragged away by the creepy pizza parlor owner without objection.

Dave is too boring. One second I think he's optimistic with his comment on the crappy neighborhood, the next he's irritated with people at his new place. It's hard to get a read on what kind of character he is. I wish Dave had purpose. He should be helping Dan get adjusted to working at Thrift Video- maybe be more optimistic. I'd find it funny if it was his idea to throw a party and have the Pizza Owner and Clown do the catering. He should be oblivious to the innuendos and dark nature of the Clown and Pizza owner- It would allow them to stick around and antagonize everybody just because Dave loves the pizza too damn much.

While the story is all over the place, I definitely get a "for fun" feeling out of it and enjoy it.
Keep it up! I hope things get more fleshed out in future episodes. Great job!

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I don't know why I found this amusing.

I had an easy time finding Nick.

But the cops didn't after I got done with him.

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I really love the pixel work, the music, the sound, you did a grand job! *HIGH FIVE*
A bit challenging, but short and beatable. I can't wait for another one!!!

I'm looking forward to more of your work posted here on NG!


I love the way this turned out!!!

In the main menu, players wanna immediately click PLAY otherwise you get stuck.
That bug is being fixed.


Cerbercat responds:

FIXED. Silly Flash, bugs are for kids. Also improved bitmap blitting quality. :D

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I dig it!
Got a bit busy in the middle, it pumped me up.

ANYWHO, good stuff!

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THIS IS AMAZING! Love that sweet painterly style!
I like the pallet behind Reaper and Junkrat and how it transitions to blue/green at the top. BRILLIANT!

Great job!!!

meloramylin responds:


I like your sandwich one as it really fits with the theme of the contest the most.

The rest looks like you cropped images of a picture in the shape of a sardine and called it good.
Great pictures, but I can kinda understand why you didn't place with those.

As for the contest entries themselves, I agree with you. They're really lame. The ladies dancing one is fantastic, but the fisherman one is cheap as it just uses the bones of a sardine to make the silhouette. -- and the graph paper one is flat out dumb.

Good job, dude. Keep reaching out with your concepts. Hope you win a future contest.

The full rez version of this is so amazing, my mind can't comprehend the detail. Fantastic job as always! Your hard work always pays off.

I make cartoons, comics, and art! Stick around and I'll show you!

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