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Update March 2016!

Posted by funymony - March 16th, 2016

Hello, everybody!

It's been a crazy year since I last updated but it wasn't unproductive! Here's a month to month recap to catch up!

In June I moved to Minnesota with my girlfriend Natalie (Lollergator) and my two dogs, Shady and Beebo. I worked on DESTINY GOD MODE while getting adjusted to my new home.


That July I worked with my friend Stabby on POLARIS OUTTAKES - HORRIBLE MONK  and POLARIS OUTTAKES - PINHEAD. 

In August I became a Pokemon Master (Successfully creating a complete living Pokedex in Pokemon XY) while watching Natalie and Stabby attend Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) in Minneapolis. I also animated SMASH BROS GOD MODE and went to Pax Prime!

That following September I started challenging my artistic abilities by drawing illustrative portraits of my best friends. I also created a PICARTO LIVESTREAM!  Additionally I took some Toon Boom tutorials and cooked up a new video called ED & YETI'S BIG ADVENTURE! 

In the beginning of October we put Beebo down. We had to keep working and didn't have much time to mourn which made things really stressful at home. Natalie and I worked on POLARIS CIVIL WAR OUTTAKES - THE SMOKE KNIGHT! We enjoyed Undertale and Halloween Festivities once we had time to unwind.

In November I put together MARIO MAKER GOD MODE  and helped Natalie with her Polaris animation, POLARIS CIVIL WAR OUTTAKES: SKULKIN' AROUND. Then I immediately dove into Fallout 4 as my reward. During this time I began making long term plans for Mediamuffin.com and its sister site, M-Candy.com


Then in , Natalie and I were busy at work on a new God Mode and Outtakes until we received news that my father had fallen ill less than a week before Christmas. I immediately flew to Salt Lake City and helped bring him back to good health. Once he was stable he made it clear to me that I needed to stay with him until my brother returned from the military in March 2017. I spent Christmas with my family in Salt Lake.

In January I was uncomfortable in my old room without my belongings, I had only planned to stay in Salt Lake for two weeks and I didn't pack much with me. My father paid for building materials to renovate my room in preparation for my inevitable move back to Salt Lake City, which just made me feel trapped and depressed. I started construction with the help of my friend, Michael Whitaker. At the end of the Month I was invited to Pax South for the Weekend where I was briefly reunited with Natalie and some of our online friends.

I was in Salt Lake City until March doing construction and running errands for my father up until two weeks ago when I was able to drive back to Minnesota to pick up Natalie and Shady.

We've been enjoying our time since then but we're ultimately sad that our life goals have been disrupted once again.

The plan is to move back to Salt Lake City, finish construction on my room, get a stable job to alleviate financial stress, and hopefully continue where we left off until March 2017. I'm happy my father is feeling much better and that we can spend more time with him. We'll make the best of our situation and I hope that we can continue pursuing our goals.

I'm going to do my best to see if I can make it to Pico Day, but with the way things are going, I'm not entirely sure it'll be possible. We'll see!



It's good that your staying on a positive note during a difficult time. Just know that these problems are only temporary and that you will be able to head back to achieving your goals. Good luck man;)

Thanks dude! It's tough when life throws you a curve ball like this.

But you're right, problems are only temporary. I'll do my best to keep my steering my life where I want it to go, while at the same time making the necessary detours.

Got dang. Just the amount of things you manage to do is just boggling to my mind. You're an inspiration Ed, frick, keep rocking things!

Thanks, dude! I'll keep on tryin!

You'd be surprised with how much you can get done in a day!
I use google calendar to keep track of everything I gotta do. Helps to have a to-do list.

Have not seen these but your doing well

:D Thanks, amigo!
): Yeah, sucks that most of my work can't be posted here.
I'm trying hard to pay off my debts so I can start saving up to make original content.
But life keeps getting in the waaaay.

Sorry things haven't been working out as planned, you're such a great dude and you deserve great things in life! Hoping for lots of good fortune for you as you come through all this.

Thanks so much Tom!

I guess life wouldn't be exciting if everything just went my way.
Maybe it's a blessing in disguise? I'll try my best to turn these lemons into lemonade either way! :D

Here's hoping things go well! I'm glad to hear that you're not letting these events keep you down! Really hoping I'll be able to see ya at Pico Day!

Thanks dude, me too!
Time's runnin out! Gonna drive home tomorrow and get back to work ASAP!