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Comments (10)

Lol u got pwnt funy.

Sorry about your gf situation that sucks man :(


He put on one hell of a show.
Everyone that met him was convinced he was a nice old dude.

But NOPE. A backstabbing thief.

Watch yo'self.

One old man scams you and you never help old men again? Great!

Only if it's my father, otherwise, no. Old people suck. >8(

lol, I kid. It's all good, I haven't given up on humanity yet.

Mean people suck! Hope the feds get this guy... in what state did this happen?

The good o'l state of Utah.

I guess this is what happens when old people don't get their prune juice.

So... this man here was using you for money and to slide away with it?
anyways, hope you find him!

Yeah. It was really interesting scam!

Would you tell an old guy who could possibly be a doctor to get the hell out of your hotel? I was confident with everything because I had his information but I didn't expect my co-worker to give it back to him.

But all in all, it's really my fault for not getting a copy of his information myself.

But like I said, I treaded carefully before I gave him any money.
I did some intense research trying to find his name and company online before I actually committed to anything. But seeing no scam warning about him or his company, things seemed pretty positive.

He had a bunch of business cards under that name and knew much about hyperbaric chambers and other sciences. I'm pretty sure he was planning on doing this scam more than once.

Well now when you look for his name, company, and anything involving hyperbaric chambers and scams on Google, you'll see this wonderful article and I hope it gives him the huge inconvenience of having to change his entire money scheme.

Too bad he was a jerkface, he really seemed like such a nice dude.
I wish to have amazing speech and persuasion skills when I'm his age.

sort of looks like... Master Roshi?

maybe if he comes across this article and consequently your userpage,
he'll watch "drunk sience" and chokes on his own laughter.
i almost did :D

sry for being f(uny-mony)d up by this guy!
i'd love to make some music for your stuff if u like!
(he said most incoherent to whatever subject this comment used to be about!)


Do you happen to have any Halloween-ish music on hand by any chance!? O:

We'll find that old fucker.

That really sucks. Hope he gets caught and you hear about it.

On an unrelated note, SHIT JUST GOT REAL.

I will rember to kick this guy in the sack twice once for looking like a pedo and once fore you :D